HOA Board, Committees, and Documents

2021 HOA Membership Meetings

Time: 6:30PM
Place: The Community Center
Schedule: Every 4th Monday of the month.   Reminder placed at Front Gate two days prior to each meeting.

Residents must sign in prior to the start of the meeting, listing their their topic, if they wish to speak. 

HOA Committees for 2021

Board Representatives (BR) and Resident Members (RM) are to be determined each year.  To be successful, all committees need active community participates.  Please contact a Board member to express interest.

HOA Board of Directors

  • David Ritchie, President
  • Julie Thornhill, Vice President
  • John Garcia, Treasurer
  • Joyce Byers, Secretary
  • Maury Rakes, Director at Large

Community Works

  • Pool: David Ritchie
  • Gates: John Garcia
  • Landscaping: Julie Thornhill & Joyce Byers
  • Covenant Compliance: Dave Ritchie
  • Website: John Garcia
  • Strategic Planning: Board of Directors

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Quinn Bursack
  • Harry Carlock Garcia
  • Linda Gillon
  • Joan Sherwood

Architectural Control Commitee

  • Fran Chmura
  • Joyce Ritchie
  • Harry Carlock Garcia

Violation Review Committee

  • Bev Glantz 
  • Ruth Greenbaum
  • Bill Koerber

Communication Committee

  • Ruth Greenbaum
  • Joyce Ritchie
  • Gina Rutledge
  • Quinn Bursack